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Become a Provider.


10% Discount Code for your followers

Every time somebody use your code you earn the 10% of what he/she bought!

Become a Collaborator

Official Provider

20% Discount

Choose between our two providers starter packs!

Earn money with every figure you sell!

Become an Official Provider

Gold Provider

60% Discount

We'll process and repair the final 3D files so you can produce your own figures.

You'll receive periodically branding elements, stickers for the shipping packages, updated catalogues, newsletter...

Earn even more money with every figure you sell!

Become a Gold Provider

    Basic ➡️ 3 figures (99,90€) + Physical catalogue 💶 210€ + Shipping costPro ➡️ 9 figures (99,90€ - 120€) + 1 figure (200€) + Physical catalogue 💶 780€ + Shipping cost

    Send us your request in order to
    become one of our collaborators & providers.

    Be our Hero!

    *We’ll study your case in order to accept your request to join our collaborators & providers team.

    *In order to ensure the figures quality we’ll need to test your printing (if you asked to become a gold provider).