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Voy a acabar contigo Kakarot!

A BeHero is a custom figure with your face on it. It’s an unique product you’ll only be able to acquire here.

*The version indicates the scale of the figure: the height of the figure is relative, it will vary according to the character and their posture.

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We need the frontal photo to get your face on the figure!
We need the side face photo to improve the 3D face!

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Additional information

When will I receive it?

The figure manufacturing takes a week and the shipping time depends on your country.

Note that the figure "New Body" takes two weeks instead of one, in order to design it.

Versions & Scales

  • Child 1:12

    Child version of the character. We adjust the body so it will look like it is a child.

    The figure uses the same scale as the adult version (1:12), so it will be smaller. That's why it's cheaper than the adult version.

  • Adult 1:12

    Standard version of the product. The size depends on the character, it is about 14cm (character) + 1cm (base/pedestal)

  • L 1:9

    Adult standard version but bigger. The size depends on the character, it is about 18cm (character) + 1cm (base/pedestal)

The image is crucial!!

The figure's quality depends on the images that you send us. Obtain the best possible quality by following the instructions below:

  • Photo well focused.
  • Natural and diffuse lighting.
  • Camera centered: Do not take the photo from above or below.
  • The image you send us must looks like the person, you know him/her but we don't.
  • Tilting your head: Please keep your face straight in order to avoid errors.
  • Gesturing: Some facial expressions could produce errors in the generated 3D model.
  • Using flash: It produces shadows that confuse the 3d software.


The figures are made of ceramic.


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