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Be Hero Custom Figures.

BeHero creates personalized figures with your face easily thanks to our 3D software that transforms your face into a 3D printable object. We have increased the quality of our figures, now they are made in resin with our new Stratasys J55 printer. We will mount the generated head to the body of your choice.

Surprise your friend with his face in a figure. Get a BeHero, get the perfect gift for him, for her, for the kids or even for yourself.


How to get our own Custom Figures?

It's easy, you'll only need to enter our configurator and follow these four steps:

1. Choose
your body

You'll be able to choose from a vast catalogue with custom miniatures of superheros, celebrities...

image quality

2. Upload photos
of your face

The photographs quality determine the custom figure's head resolution.

3. Configure your
custom miniature

Choose the version (adult or child), the figurine's pedestal, and any of the others personalization parameters.

4. Go to

Don't forget to confirm your order, you'll recieve it in less than 10 days.

Try our 3D software.

Our integrated 3D software gives the basic preview of the 3D model of our head, which will be fit into the figure.

Play with it and try different photos until you get the result that convinces you the most!

This is a preview, not the final result. The 3D model will be improved by our team of designers using the images that we'll ask you at the end of the purchase process.


The photograph is crucial!

Picture quality.

The figure's quality depends on the images that you send us. Obtain the best possible quality by following the instructions below:

  • Photo well focused.
  • Natural and diffuse lighting.
  • Camera centered: Do not take the photo from above or below.
  • The image you send us must looks like the person, you know him/her but we don't.
  • Tilting your head: Please keep your face straight in order to avoid errors.
  • Gesturing: Some facial expressions could produce errors in the generated 3D model.
  • Using flash: It produces shadows that confuse the 3d software.

What photos do we need?

The generated preview will be improved by our designers using trhee additional images: Frontal face without glasses, side face, and another frontal picture with your glasses on (if you want the figure to wear them).


The same image used in the 3D software to generate the preview that you liked the most.

Side face

Necessary to create the back of the head (pigtails, dreadlocks...) and ears much more realistic and similar to the real ones than those of the preview.

With / Without glasses

If you use glasses we will need a front image with glasses on and another one without them.

*Current 3D technology isn't able to create very thin glasses, so the printed results may be slightly thicker than the original ones.