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No todos los Be Hero llevamos capa, yo soy más de unos buenos zuecos cómodos.

A BeHero is a custom figure with your face on it. It’s an unique product you’ll only be able to acquire here.

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*Photos will be added at the end of the order.

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How to buy


Choose your personalized figure

Browse through our categories of personalised gifts and select the figure that best suits your tastes or those of the person you want to give the gift to. Choose the body and then upload the images of the face that will go with the 3D body.


Upload high quality photos

Make sure that the photos you upload of your face are of the highest possible quality. The quality of the image influences the final result of your personalised 3D figure. Follow these tips to ensure the highest quality of the final result.

  • Focused photography
  • Natural and diffused light (avoid lamps)
  • Camera centered (neither from above nor from below)
  • The person should look like themselves in the photo
  • Keep your head straight
  • Avoid grimacing
  • Do not use flash

Shape your figure

Customise your figure by selecting details such as adult or child version, size and other personalisation parameters. Add a unique touch to your gift.


Confirm your order

Once you are satisfied with the configuration of your personalised figure, simply confirm your order.

Frequently Asked Questions

The figure takes a week to make and shipping times will depend on your country/location, usually about 10 days.
*The "new body" figure takes two weeks instead of one because it has to be designed from scratch.

You can order any figurine as a gift and also give a gift card to the address you specify.

You can order a custom body design or a new one if you can't find it in the shop. The body has two options:

  • Standard body (tennis player)
  • 100% custom body (your clothes, details, complexion...)

If the 3D image we show you before editing it for printing does not meet your expectations, we will re-scan it for you without any problem.